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Digital exhibition stand - an easy way to reach out to about 3 billion digital users ..

Buy the world's cheapest share! Since May 23, 2017 - 23 May 2018 can you buy shares in Sky World Expo for only 1 SEK - 1 share. PwC, LLP, is a UK-US multinational audit and consulting company with 208,000 employees in 158 countries, sets values ​​on the shares in 2018. PwC is included in the audit's "big four", along with competitors Deloitte, EY and KPMG.

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Recondkungens unika produkter såldes i Sverige genom omfattande tv-reklams annonsering i mitten av 90-talet och blev en enorm försäljningssuccé genom deras unika reklamfilmer. Produkterna såldes in på flertalet bensinmackar i Stockholm. Stockholmspolisen använde produkterna på polisbilarna, - och med Toyota skrevs ramavtal för försäljning i Toyotas tillbehörsbutiker i hela Sverige.

Rocondkungens unika formel består av en hemlig blandning av carnaubavax, lösningsmedel och emulgeringsmedel och har ständigt testats och förbättrats sedan 80 - talet, för att förbli en världsledande produkt, innehåller en kombinationsrengörare och ett utställningspolish. Den här produkten fungerar för alla typer av fordon, gamla och nya, inklusive: baslack, klarlack, polyuretan, akryllack, vattenbas och oljebaserad. innehåller inga slipmedel som skadar lacker.

Vill Du ingå i vår franchisekedja och jobba med världens bästa produkter? Köp Recondkundens startpaket för endast 100 000 kronor, licensierad utbildning och produktpaket igår i franchiseavtalet. Ring & Swish 076-5910097 eller maila till eller "skicka meddelande" direkt genom messenger 24/7.

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Do you want to do more digital business? Sky World Expos digital exhibition stand; make your business accessible to visitors and media from all over the world. It is an excellent media channel to reach out to the digital visitors. You can spice up the booth with a hot trade fair offer, you increase the chances of more visitors and more business. Reed Exhibitions - The world's leading organizer of trade fairs with more than 500 annual trade fairs distributed in "39 countries".

Sky World Expo is one of the world's largest influencers. The Sky World Expo has visitors / viewers in one week from around 27 countries, in a month we have visitors from around 67 countries. Since May 23, 2016 we have had visitors from 117 countries in the world.

- Offers and activities in the digital booth is always popular, says Mikael E. Widengren responsible for the service on Sky World Expo World. We notice that our digital visitors appreciate the opportunity to receive offers by Sky World Expo. 57% of those who used the deals say that it was good or very good, concludes Mikael with experience from fairs since 1986. 

What you can do in the digital booth:

• Attracting visitors from search engines like Google to your digital stand by highlighting the exhibition offers and activities.

• Inspire with pictures, videos and texts that tell us about your company and your products.

• Collect contact information, link to your company and press releases.

Sky World Expo is the world’s leading in digital business, enhancing the power of Face to Face digital tools.

Make it easy! We help match customers with the right digital solutions. Our events enable customers to learn about a market, source products and complete transactions, generating billions of dollars of revenues for the digital economic development of local markets and national economies around the digital world.

Shakira - Me Enamoré - Music Video was published on May 12, 2017 and until June 14, 2017, music video has had 125,640,440 digital viewers. Super Bowl is the final match of the United States National League of American Football (NFL), and has about 115 million viewers per year, primarily in the United States, advertising costs around 1.5 million per second to advertise television advertising.

» Taylor Swift's Music Video - Do not Wanna Live Forever has already had 314 million digital viewers.

» Madonna's Music Video - Bitch I'm Madonna has already had 240 million digital viewers.

» Britney Spears Music Video - Work Bitch has already had 251 million digital viewers.

» Lady Gaga Music Video - Poker Face has already had 420 million digital viewers.

Now you can buy world-renowned music videos for your own use from the artists! Taylor Swift - Do not Wanna Live Forever 314 million digital viewers, Madonna - Bitch I'm Madonna 240 million digital viewers, Britney Spears - Work Bitch 251 million digital viewers och Lady Gaga - Poker Face 420 million digital viewers.

Only 30 SEK.. 1,225 000 000 * 30 SEK = 36,750 000 000 SEK. The sale will open on May 23, 2017.

SWE can offer solid digital advertising for 5 seconds at a better price than the Super Bowl! It cost about 1.5 million SEK per second to advertise in Super Bowl 2017! They have about 115 million viewers each year, mostly in the United States.

Sky World Expo have had visitors / viewers from 117 different countries in the world.

"In May 2016, Spotify's services were established in 59 countries." They opened in 2006. Sky World Expo opened May 23, 2016. China's Alibaba has in a few short years has emerged as the world's largest e-commerce company with a market capitalization of 2,300 billion on New York Stock Exchange. "They are probably greatest in China."

Sky World Expo is a "tech - software company" that focuses on business - to - business (B2B).

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