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Digital exhibition stand

– an easy way to reach out to about 3 billion digital users ..

Sky World Expo Sweden Press room, Press Releases, Published, Feb 13, 2017 15:47 CET

Sky World Expos digital exhibition stand, make your business accessible to visitors and media from all over the world. It is an excellent media channel to reach out to the digital visitors. You can spice up the booth with a hot trade fair offer, you increase the chances of more visitors and more business.


– Offers and activities in the digital booth is always popular, says Mikael E Widengren responsible for the service on Sky World Expo.

– We notice that our digital visitors appreciate the opportunity to receive offers through Sky World Expo. 57% of those who used the deals say that it was good or very good, concludes Mikael.

What you can do in the digital booth:


Attracting visitors from search engines like Google to your digital stand by highlighting the exhibition offers and activities.

Inspire with images, videos and texts that tell about your company and your products.

Gather contact information, link to your company and press releases.


Swish is a service designed to offer a simple and secure mobile service for direct payments. More than half of Sweden has already Swish ..

Today is the fastest way to implement a “first come first served” business .. or buy a unique limited offer from a digital exhibition stand.

With Chromecast converted the booth in seconds to the home TV or the big screen in the office and can be visited 24/7 365 days a year. On 23 May 2016 to 25 February 2017 reached the Sky World Expo from 82 different countries around the world. China's Alibaba has in a few short years has emerged as the world's largest e-commerce company with a market capitalization of 2,300 billion New York Stock Exchange.


Price Digital exhibition stand!


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Sky World Expo is a "tech - software company" that focuses on (business to business).

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Mikael E.Widengren

With a Digital company profile for your company's brand you take the control of your PR profile in the world's leading search engines and your profile ports before world famous Wikipedia.

» Yearly costs 4900 EUR. There will be some small costs for production and updates. (E-mail is included in the service).

With a Digital personal profile       for your personal brand you the  take control of your PR profile in the world's leading search engines and your profile ports before Wikipedia.

» Yearly cost 1000 EUR. There will be some small costs for production and updates. (E-mail is included in the service).

With Digital display booths  seen you in the countries you want to do business and you pay us in accordance with existing agreements and our fixed price service as agreed.

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