Today it is visited by people from 123 nations around the world.

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 - We are the world's leading organizer of digital fair stands, events and conferences.

- Sky World Expo opened the digital platform on May 23, 2016 ..

Today it is visited by people from 123 nations around the world.

Ed Sheeran is close to beating the world record in the most lucrative concert tour ever, writes the Wall Street Journal. Ed Sheeran's Divide tour has been running since 2017 and will be completed in August this year. Between March 2017 and December 2018, the tour attracted $ 555 million in ticket sales only. And now his team predicts that the tour will come to a total of $ 750 million in revenue when it ends.

The current record is held by the British band U2, whose 360 ​​° tour generated $ 735 million between 2009 and 2011. To beat the record, Ed Sheeran would have to withdraw a total of $ 833 million, adjusted for inflation.

"With around 186 million viewers the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest was once again the world's biggest live music event."

The advertising value "2 million SEK" for one second, if you participate in the competition, the advertising value is higher.

Today, we pass 161 266 979 million world viewers from over 123 nations around the world since april 20, 2018.

"Click on the music video with Jennifer Lopez - Se Acabó el Amor to the left and check the views on Youtube, and you will see that we tell the truth.

Advertising value for Versace is high.

BMW and Swarovski delivered over 1,3 billion viewers from Jennifel Lopez On The Flooor ft. Pitbull since mars 3, 2011.

Sky World Expo is a "tech - software company" that focuses on business - to - business (B2B).

PwC, LLP, is a UK-US multinational audit and consulting company with 208,000 employees in 158 countries, sets values ​​on the shares next time in 2019. PwC is included in the audit's "big four", along with competitors Deloitte, EY and KPMG.

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