Edith Widengren Art Digital Exhibition Stand Open 24/7, 365 days per year.

After 31 years, is now shown for the first time a unique family-owned art collection into a digital Art exhibition stand at the Sky World Expo Sweden.

Feature: Tännforsen. Sweden's largest waterfall. Painted by Edith Widengren born 1905 - 1986 ..

Widegrens founded in 1875 its textile industry "a becoming history," and Edith Widengren did not earn a living from their art. Edith Widengren had three sons Lars Widengren, Ulf Widengren and Leif Widengren and daughter Renee Widengren with Rudolf Widengren son of Per Widengren.

Now we come to the Sky World Expo to build the world's first art exhibition in the digital world.

Edith Widegrens digital exhibition stand that is open 24/7, 365 days a year from today. Chromecast converted booth in seconds to the home TV or the big screen in the office

Follow the exciting art exhibition in Edith Widegrens digital exhibition stand. We attract visitors to Edith Widegrens digital stand by highlighting the exhibition offers and activities that digital art exhibitions. We inspire with images, videos and texts that tell about Edith Widegrens art and collect contact information ..

If interested and acquisition of art contact.

Mikael E. Widengren

Call + 46(0)765910097

E-mail: mikael.e.widengren@gmail.com

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